After 30 long years SONY kills the WALKMAN Cassette music player

As music lovers continue to listen using alternative technologies, Sony retires its most famous music listening gadget of all time. The Sony Walkman Cassette player was introduced in 1979 in Japan, and after some slow start, it made up its mark by targeting young people using famous stars to promote the product and within a short period it caught the eyes of all kinds of music lovers. The Walkman for the first time introduced personal listening of music anywhere you like, not confined to your armchair listening at home, the Walkman was a revolution in music listening.

sony walkman

It was the 1980s icon and must have item for everyone, with 30 years of service the Cassette Walkman reached over 200 million units sold around the world. With the advent of new technology and the 1990s Discman and the Apple iPod killed the Walkman. Sony failed to develop a new age replacement and allowed the Apple iPod and iPhone to come in and take its place.

Its not totally dead yet, as Sony has signed licensing deals with several Chinese manufactures to continue producing these for the Middle East and Asian markets where the old “cassette” lives on happily every after.


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