THE TUHEL.COM BLOG Bundles: A New Way to Share Links! provides a new service that allows users to share long web addresses (eg, the link to a specific Google map) by setting up a redirect and creating a shortened form of the address (which is then easier to post in e-mails, Twitter updates, etc).’s newest service takes this one step further, allowing users to create and display a group of shortened links.

New Bundles

For example, one example shown provides an assortment of links relating to tourism in Washington DC, including hotel web pages, links to Google maps, and public transport information. Each link within the bundle has a media preview (meaning that visitors can see what the destination site is like before clicking on the link), space for the creator of the list to provide a comment explaining why it’s worthwhile, and a counter which shows how many people have clicked through to the page in question.

Users need to sign up for a account before they are able to create any bundles, which are accessed through the home page.

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