Twitter for Business: Start Advertising with Promoted Tweets

Twitter has great potential for business use regardless of size, with business users now able to share special offers, useful information, and customer support with their followers. To assist business owners who are looking to harness the power of Tweets, Twitter has recently launched a new version of Twitter for Business.


This site includes a variety of case studies, resources, tips, and tools for business owners looking to begin using Twitter (or looking for ways to improve their current use). Business owners can also follow @TwitterBusiness for regular updates on innovative ways businesses and other organisations are using Twitter.

Potentially useful features of the new Twitter for Business include how-to articles for beginners, resources and widgets (such as ‘Follow Me on Twitter’ and Tweet Buttons for your website), and access to the paid Promoted Tweets service (which is currently being beta tested but should be operational soon).

The opportunity is now open for all business regardless of size to take advantage of the advertising services offered by Twitter. This is no longer limited to large advertising budget holders, twitter has opened up the market to any business who wishes to promote their business on Twitter by using Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends, and Promoted Accounts.

We are keen to here your views and opinions, lets us know what you think of this new opportunity and if you will be making use of the advertising services on Twitter.


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