Meetup Everywhere – An Improved Tool for Communities & Businesses Alike

Meetup has recently undergone an overhaul, with a variety of new features being added and old features tweaked. For those who have yet to make its acquaintance, Meetup ( is a website which aims to help users ‘Do something – learn something – share something – change something’.

Meetup everywhere

The basic premise is simple: A user can set up a meeting for others in their area or who share their interests, and other users can click on a ‘Count me in’ button to signal their intention to attend. Groups arranging meetings through the site cover a broad spectrum of interests: sports, hiking clubs, singles groups, free thinkers, small business owners, and many more. Groups can make their meeting details available to the general public, or restrict them to members only. Businesses can sponsor relevant groups, allowing them to advertise directly to potential consumers of their products (eg, a camping goods store sponsoring a local group of hikers) and to offer special discounts and deals.

Meetup Everywhere – one of the new features of the Meetup site – now allows users to put forward a meetup idea without necessarily needing to organise a group. A user can suggest, say, an Angry Birds Day or a Buy Nothing Day, then sit back and wait for others to get behind the idea. Similarly, a large organisation can suggest a topic, which local groups can then use to organise meetups. Check out the details at – and be sure to take a look at the video provided on ‘How to Spark a Movement’.


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