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Miracles in Manningham (Bradford)

Tuhel Miah in East NewspaperThe center has a stylish cyber cafe, the Spiderz Web, where locals can drink coffee and surf the Internet. The idea is to provide a public Internet access point. It has five computers and staff ready to help with any technical problems.

Tuhel Miah, the cafe’s 23-year-old owner, says that he saw a gap in the market. People were interested in computers, but knew little about them. Miah realised that a place where they could “mess about with them” could prove lucrative.

He approached Asian businesses for funding, but had no luck. “They thought it wouldn’t work,” he says. “I don’t think that many people actually understood the concept. They couldn’t see how it was going to make money.”

“It’s a new technology and people are always reluctant to invest in anything new with a high-risk element to it.”

He adds: “But where there’s a high risk, there’s the chance of a huge reward as well.”

Miah finally managed to get funding from The Prince’s Youth Business Trust. The cafe was officially opened at the end of October by Prince Charles.”

Tuhel Miah in EAST Newspaper, 13 December 1996

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