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Surfing the Net at City’s new cyber cafe

Tuhel Miah in Yorkshire Evening Newspaper in Leeds with John Tricket MPA COFFEE, croissant and a worldwide computer connection please!
That could become the familiar order of the day at Leeds’s newest cafe.

Customers will be able to surf the Net as searching through the Internet computer information system is known as well as enjoy a drink and a sandwich.
Planet Connect, in Cross Belgrave Street in the city centre, is the first co-called cyber cafe in Leeds.

Similar ventures in London and Edinburgh have already been a huge success, prompting Leeds twenty three year old student Tuhel Miah to try to repeat the formula in his home city.

Customers can just come in for food and refreshments. But or a further £3 they can have half an hour on the computer terminals with access to information on any subject imaginable from all over the world.
The business is also a consultancy where firms or individuals can go for training and advice.
Customers will also be able to open and E-Mail account there, sending and receiving correspondence with anyone connected to the Internet

*SURF AND A SANDWICH: Coun Jon Tricket, left, last week elected MP for Hemsworth, at the launch of the Planet Connect Cyber cafe, with Professor Alan Wilson Vice Chancellor of Leeds University centre, and founder of Planet, Tuhel Miah

Tuhel in Yorkshire Evening Post 5th February 1996


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