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About Tuhel Miah

Hi, thanks for stopping by, My name is Tuhel Miah, I am really passionate about business and the opportunities offered by the Internet. It seems only not so long ago that it was impossible to compete with the large multinationals or even contemplate going global as a small business.

Tuhel Miah with John Tricket MPHowever with the aid of the Internet, all businesses regardless of size have a global audience they can tap into.

Planet Connect Internet CyberCafe and Consultancy

My Internet business experience includes setting up the first Internet Cybercafe (Planet Connect) in Leeds back in 1995, which included working in partnership with Leeds City Council to launch the 24 hour City initiative. The then leader of Leeds City Council Councillor John Tricket (now an MP for South Elmsall) and other dignitaries came to the official opening and launch of the Cybercafe, with live broadcast on BBC1’s 1 o’clock news, and write ups in Yorkshire Post Newspaper.

I developed the initial idea, introduced the business to a friend who came on board along with several other investors. The business employed several members of staff including web designers, sales and marketing people along with staff to run the cafe.

Spiderz Web Internet CyberCafe

Another first was the Cybercafe in Bradford, which was officially, opened by HRH the Prince of Wales. This was well received with Rave Reviews in major local and national papers, TV and Radio interviews. The cybercafe was a success however the business was unable to expand due the location and the premises. Working with various local companies, the council, housing association, and charities the business provided a needed local service, however with the launch of FreeServe ISP and free dialup connections nationwide marked the end of cybercafe’s and it was time to move on.

tuhel-and-prince-charlesI write about technology, social mediaSEO, Apple, digital news media and food. I have been browsing the Internet since 1995 and watched it grow and develop. My experience involves business development, project management, training and marketing.

I have worked with a number of Blue Chip Clients, with 10 years training and Project Management experience, delivered projects worth several millions of pounds.

I am always looking for new ventures and willing to try out new technology and ideas, I believe in pursuing your dreams by taking risks to experiment with your ideas and to develop your skills with real life events.

Tuhel Miah at the opening of Planet Connect Internet

Quoted by: Darcus Howe in his article in the New Statesman as some who is “fiercely ambitious”

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Surfing the net at city’s new cafe with Tuhel Miah
Tuhel Miah in the Spiderz Web cafe

In my spare time I am involved in community development work, such as improving the lives of disadvantaged communities. I am and have been involved with the following groups and organisations:

  • South Leeds Bangladeshi Association
  • Governor at Hunslet Moor Primary School
  • Trustee of Al-Madina Jamm-e Mosjid
  • Governor at South Leeds High School
  • Leeds Racial Harassment Project
  • Leeds Voice
  • LS11 Voluntary and Community Forum
  • Neighbourhood Renewal Residents Forum
  • SureStart Beeston Hill

Social Media, SEO - Tuhel-Miah QR-CodeI’m relatively active on social media sites, so please feel free to connect with me or directly viaemail.